RAT 3 (7D2D Alpha 20 Compatible)

RAT 3 (7D2D Alpha 20 Compatible)


7D2D RAT server manager can be used for both local and remote server administration. Meaning, you can use it whether you host your 7D2D server from your home, or have it hosted with a hosting service. The only difference is there are a few features (not many) that can't work if you're remotely hosted.

Windows 10+ (Does not work with Win7, should work with new versions of Win Server as well)​
Feature List (Partial list)

Local Server Configuration
Manage all of the 7D2D server settings​
Import your existing settings from your serverconfig.xml file to save time!​

Discord Integration
Chat with your players from Discord​
Manage your server from Discord​
Display Discord embeds​
Perform actions based on chat from Discord or within the game server​

Event Editor
RAT contains a powerful event editor to allow you to create custom commands​
Would you like to reward your players for killing a zombie? Response to player chat? There are many possibilities of what you can do with the RAT Event Editor. You can create as many events as you want, they'll trigger on such things as a player joining the server, chatting, player death, being banned, etc.​
There are many default events already setup in the Event Editor, but disabled so that you can pick, choose and use the defaults as examples!​

Currency System
You can add/remove in game currency to/from your players. Automatically reward them for killing zombies, logging into the server for the first time today and more! You can even let your players exchange the currency for in game items such as Duke tokens.​

Backup & Restore
Backup your game at set intervals. Your players can remain online. Also automatically ZIPs your backups (if you select it).​
Restore functions will handle all of the dirty work! Select a previous backup, click Restore. You're done. It'll even restart the server for you if you want.​

Ping Kicker
Kick or Ban anyone that exceeds your ping limits. You can configure how many times they must fail the check before taking action.​

View Player Inventory
See exactly what players have in their inventory, just as though they see it in game. See items, quality and quantity, along with the actual image of the item.​

And all of the other features you would expect from a server manager
Kick players​
Ban Players​
View all players​
Manage Admins​
Manage Server commands and their access levels​
Full console window to perform any commands you need​
Chat window, allowing you to view/chat with your players​

There's much more to see in RAT and much more to come. If you have any questions, feature request or need some help. Please visit our Discord Server or post here on the forums. =)
First release
Last update
4.60 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest reviews

почему не выдються предметы игрокам?
*** ERROR: unknown command 'give'

и не показывет статы игроков?
а бафы нормально работают
Because Alloc's mod isn't installed, or is installed incorrectly.
hi, i need some help, i started a server with rat3 and it is working well, but dont't let pc game pass players, can you help me?
This is actually due to some changes in the way player IDs are done in the game and RAT needs an update to add in support for that.
How do Server Automated Messages work? In previous versions, there was an automatic server message function.
Excellent work, dedication never ends. Much respect.
I have a problem... The RAT Log tell me the next error: "Error getting response from WebAPI"
And the console tell me "1.512 EXC NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
I don't know what is that xD Any help?
I think I have followed all the indicated steps
Click Settings -> Reset Alloc's Web Token. Please post in our support forums or ask on Discord for future issues as this area isn't monitored for support and your questions might not get answered. =)
Great program for people that would rather use a GUI for managing a 7DTD server.
Constant updates with new bits to play with, Fixes and open to suggestions from the community.
Definitely worth a try as has a little something for everyone.
Keep up the great work Trekkan
A must have for any server owners out there running 7dtd, will make your life a lot easier with automatic backups, and restarts should the server crash. and it will, its 7dtd. It is just amazing!
Everytime I try to run it with the required stuff it bricks up my server and yes I'm trying to run it with a pre-existing world
Please join the Discord server for support on any issues. There's nothing in RAT that can actually brick a server, so... we'd have to see what's going on.
Absolutely a must-have, coordinates messages, commands, discord integration, which makes your life as server owner a bit easier. Love it! :)
Only getting better as time goes by.