PAL-A the Palworld Server Admin

PAL-A the Palworld Server Admin 1.7.6

PALA is designed for use for those who wish to run their own Windows dedicated server on their own machines. PALA must run on the same machine that you are running Palworld dedicated server on. This will probably change in the future, however it depends on how much people want to remote admin (from another computer) their servers.

Win 10 or newer (only tested on Win10 however it should work on Win11)
Windows Server 2022 (verified)

For any support questions, suggestions or issues, please join our Discord server
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Currently PALA supports the following functions (more to come!):
  • Install SteamCMD
  • Install/Update game server
  • List online players
  • Configure server (All current settings are available in the UI)
  • Automatically creates Incremental backup of game files
  • Display the latest Palworld news from Steam
Here are a few screenshots of the first beta release.





First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Release 1.7.6

    Fixes Reading in an INI file, would sometimes not update the UI to reflect those differences...
  2. Release 1.7.2

    ** NOTE ** If you have any issues when starting PALA Close PALA Delete the file...
  3. Fixed and new stuff

    Changes/Features Added 'Server Shutdown Aborted' Discord webhook The Discord Webhooks window...

Latest reviews

Great too, I like it. Had some issues with my server just using the palserver exe. After integrating with your tool (probably also because the config got reset) everyhing was working again. Thank you!

-Instead of selecting x hours to restart the server let us choose which time of the day (example 05:30) otherwise I have to wait until then and set it to 24 hours :)
- Integrated backup deployment.
Scheduled times is on the list of future items, simply because the timed backups exist now, so working on stuff that doesn't exist yet. Again though, its on the list. =)

Can you describe what you mean by integrated backup? Backups are already in PALA, so I'm not sure what you would mean. =)
I try to install it and it gives me an error that says I have to finish the installation before
I'm going to need more information. Can you screenshot the error please?
Hello, stupid question, what is it for?

thank you.
You caught this before I could complete updating it. =) Its a server manager for the game Palworld