CAT Development Resuming


NomadSoft Owner/Developer
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Oct 11, 2011
Hillsboro, OR
I've been approached by many people lately that would like to see CAT updated to work with the latest release version of CE. To that end, I plan on updating CAT to support the new configuration options as well as possible mod support. Beyond that I don't have any plans currently. But if you have any requests, now would be the time to get them in.

I've got a lot going on at the moment, but I'll try and hammer out something as soon as I can for everyone that is interested.
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Hey Trekkan, was just wondering if there was indeed a CAT tool a few friends picked this up for the holiday break and I was hoping you had something a cool as the RAT interface.
Hey man, CAT exists and is still for download, but I'm not working on it anymore really. I update it here and there, but... Its nothing compared to RAT, due to that there isn't much possibility of a remote admin built into the game server. Click the "Resources" button on the menu above for the download/info. =)